Health and Education for Haiti co-founder and Board member, Dr. Frank Nice, has been honored twice this year in recognition for his work in Haiti. In May, Frank was selected as the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Pharmacist Practitioner Award by the Temple University School of Pharmacy Alumni Association. Last week, Frank was notified that […]

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A Health and Education for Haiti medical team arrived in Haiti today for a week-long medical mission in the town of Leon.  Our Executive Director, Pat Labuda, is leading the team.  They are staying the night tonight in Port-au-Prince, and are then off to Leon for the first of 2 medical missions this month.  We […]

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The new website for Health and Education for Haiti has been deployed.  We hope you like our new home.  We have updated the look and feel, and have added the ability for visitors to sign-up and keep track of us.  If you have any comments on our new site, please leave them here, or send […]

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