100% of your donation is applied directly to programs in Haiti.

The Board of Directors of Health and Education for Haiti underwrite all of the fundraising, general and administrative expenses because we believe that the Haitian people deserve 100% of your generosity.

Donate Now using a credit card or e-check by using the PayPal, Google Checkout, or Just Give buttons below, or send us a check at:

Health and Education for Haiti
P.O. Box 38818
Colorado Springs, CO 80937-8818


Just Give.Org

How you can help – Health

$5 provides 1 person with malaria treatement
$50 provides 1 person hernia surgery
$100 provides 1 person with cataract surgery
$1,000 provides 1 person with club foot repair
$10,000 funds a week-long medical mission


$100 provides 1 child with a year of schooling
$1,000 pays a teacher’s salary for a year
$10,000 operates a primary school for 1 year
$40,000 builds a 6-room school house

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