Medical Missions

Health and Education for Haiti sends medical teams to remote areas of Haiti where health care is not readily accessible.  A typical team will consist of 8-14 volunteers from across the United States—a balance of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, EMTs, lab technicians, and support people. Health and Education for Haiti does not charge for anyone to receive medical care from our medical teams.


Approximately 1000 patients are seen during each one week mission and approximately 5,000 prescriptions are dispensed for free. Complex cases that cannot be treated on the mission are referred out to other medical institutions in Jeremie or Port-au-Prince.  Typical referrals include diabetes, cataracts, hernias, glaucoma, severe lacerations, club feet, cancerous tumors and at risk pregnancies.   Health and Education for Haiti pays the medical bills as well as the travel expenses of the patients and their families.  The picture on the right shows the line of patients at one of our clinics.