Our Program Areas

Our program areas are described briefly below. Please click on a program area for more detailed descriptions.

Medical Missions

Health and Education for Haiti medical missions bring recurring medical care to people who would otherwise never see a doctor.  Our focus is to provide immediate treatment of acute conditions in the clinic and to identify and manage chronic conditions through the clinic and with our provider network in the region.



Most children in Haiti don’t even complete primary school because their families cannot pay the tuition.  The literacy rate is less than 50%.  This perpetuates the cycle of poverty.  The cost to send a child to school for a year is $100.  This includes tuition, books, supplies, and uniforms.  Health and Education for Haiti works with the local clergy to sponsor children’s educations.  We pay the cost to attend school, and in some areas pay the teacher’s salaries to keep tuition low.



Health and Education for Haiti infrastructure programs cover many different areas.  This includes communications, medical capacity, and water sanitation on a large and small scale.  We also work with groups who are delivering solar power.


Basic Needs

The vast majority of Haitians do not get enough to eat each day or have quality shelter.  Health and Education for Haiti is committed to developing sustainable basic needs programs.


Our Philosophy – Collaboration and Sustainability

We collaborate with the Haitian people to determine their needs and they help us prioritize our programs.  We believe this is critical to all of our programs, as it respects those we are helping.  We have regular meetings with local leaders including the clergy, the director of the hospital, the provincial minister of health, and other local officials.  This maximizes our impact by directing us to the areas of greatest need.

Our programs bring health and hope to the areas we service.  We believe it is critical to have sustainable programs to ensure that the work we do in these areas bring generations of people the hope and ability to have a better life.

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