The Health and Education for Haiti Mission:
The mission of Health and Education for Haiti is to work collaboratively with the Haitian people to address their critical needs, especially those related to health and education.  We structure our work into four program areas: medical missions, education, infrastructure, and basic needs.

Health and Education for Haiti was formed in 2008 to bring services to the Haitian people who would not otherwise receive any medical care, education, or clean water.  We work in collaboration with the local leadership to address the most critical needs in their communities. We work primarily in the Grande-Anse Department (province) in Haiti, which has historically been underserved by both the Haitian Government and International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

In many villages the only functioning organization in the lives of the Haitian people is the local Catholic parish.  We partner with the Diocese of Jeremie to identify the areas of the Grande-Anse that are in the most need of our help.  This helps us prioritize our spending so we can maximize the impact of every expenditure.

We work closely with the Haitian pastors who provide us facilities and coordination for our efforts.  The pastors help announce our services to ensure that the word gets spread in advance of our arrival.  Although the overwhelming majority of the Haitian population is Catholic, we provide our services to all who need them regardless of denomination.

Health and Education for Haiti is blessed to have a passionate Board of Directors that has extensive experience in Haiti and non-profit management.  Our Board is actively involved in our mission.  Our Executive Director leads every medical mission, and is fluent in Creole. The majority of our Board members make at least annual trips to Haiti in support of our missions. You can read about our October 2009 medical mission to Carcasse in the NIH Clinical Center Newsletter.

Please read some of our success stories to see the impact our work has for the people of Haiti.

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