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Health and Education for Haiti works collaboratively with the Haitian people to address their critical needs, especially those related to health and education.  We structure our work into four program areas: medical missions, education, infrastructure, and basic needs.

The reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa of Health and Education for Haiti underwrites all of our fundraising, general, and administrative expenses so 100% of donations from individuals is applied directly to our programs in Haiti.

Volunteers are crucial to our medical programs in Haiti.  We always need medical providers to provide care on our medical missions.  If you are interested in volunteering, as a provider or in any other capacity, please access our dapoxetine original buy.

As with most non-profits, donations are the oil that keeps our programs going. Please dapoxetine buy blog any amounts you can today.  Health and Education for Haiti accepts checks or credit cards through Google Checkout, Paypal, or Just  Thank you for any help you can provide for the poor of Haiti.